CNY Autism Consulting Helping Those on the Autism Spectrum Live Successful Lives Paul Meier  315-559-8242 First Visit The anticipation of a first visit can be difficult for a child. (Or adult.)  I am someone new they have never met, and they are being taken someplace they have never been before.  Many are also afraid the will be taken to yet another clueless professional who does not understand them.  I work hard to calm all those issues. My office is very autism kid friendly.  It is full of common special interest items and a wide range of sensory tools.  Most kids who may be unsure coming in often do not want to leave.  If there are specific concerns please let me know. Care is taken to make the office sensory friendly.  Extra sound insulation is put in to quiet the outside environment.  All interior lighting is by incandescent bulbs.  All products are unscented and/or hypoallergenic (wipes, etc.).  I try hard to make the office scent free.  (There is occasional scent from cooking or brought in on a previous client.) I expect to be tested by kids.  They typically have been let down and disappointed by a lot of people.  First stage is that I understand them and their world.  I have been told by many that I am the first person in their life that understood them.  Sometimes I also need to prove I will not reject them.  That is okay too. While I have a waiting room, most people wait in their car.  This works well as many kids use the combined office and waiting room as one large office. On my business Facebook page in the photos section is a folder titled "The Office".  This will give people an idea of what the office interior looks like.