CNY Autism Consulting Helping Those on the Autism Spectrum Live Successful Lives Paul Meier  315-559-8242 Services I provide customized services based on the needs of the individual.  These can range from autism education, to advocacy, to helping with emotional control, to teaching about how to connect and understand the world.  Most of all I help people be successful. Understanding Autism:  To many autism is a pervasive mystery that is difficult to understand.  I understand autism and can explain it in ways that make sense to others.  Once autism is understood it is a lot less frustrating, and much easier to work with successfully. Behavior Management:  Needing to modify behaviors is not unusual with autism.  I help those on the autism spectrum to be calm, engaged, responsible, and consistently pleasant to be around.  This includes understanding emotions and eliminating meltdowns. Crisis Intervention:  I provide 24/7 crisis intervention for existing active clients, as my availability allows.  This will be at the same hourly rate as all other appointments, and is available face to face, or by phone. Advocacy:  I provide advocacy services for school, employment situations, and more.  I consistently get those I advocate for what they need to be successful. Pre-diagnostic Work:  Not being a doctor or social worker I can not officially diagnose someone as being on the autism spectrum.  What I can do is line up issues with the diagnostic criteria and prepare to hand things off to my partner who is a doctor, or another professional who can formalize the diagnosis.  I do this pre-diagnostic work with children, teens, and adults. Social Skills:  With autism, successfully interacting with others is not instinctive.  It needs to be intellectually learned just like a school subject would be.  This can be reading and projecting body language, facial expressions, or tone of voice.  It can be understanding types of relationships and relationships with specific individuals.  It can be understanding the social rules that govern how we all interact.  There is a lot here, and unfortunately society is unforgiving of mistakes. Independent Living Skills:  While not all people on the autism spectrum will live independently, most will.  Even those who will never live completely independently can live as independently as possible.  There are ways to do this successfully, and I can help. Career Skills:  Struggling in the workforce is common on the autism spectrum.  I can help develop the skills needed to maintain successful long-term employment. Positive Life Modeling:  I am someone who is autistic and is living a successful independent life.  I can help motivate others through the credibility of having been there and done it.  I can explain how others can be successful too, doing so from the insiders perspective, and using autism strategies that work. Life Success Planning:  Successful people with autism often have patterns of life in common.  I can help with understanding and adopting these patterns as a part of a life strategy, moving toward greater success. Public Speaking:  Speak to all types of groups, including: agencies, professional groups, colleges, schools, and more.   Unique Supports:  If it can be imagined, I have probably done it.  I have been in MRI machines, operating rooms, and more with kids.  I have provided support at events like funerals, weddings, parties, vacations, doctors offices.  I have been called to emergecy scenes by first responders.  If it needs to be done I do it. Other:  For significant mental health issues I am partnered with a psychologist.  I am the autism person who is pretty good with mental health.  She is the mental health person who is pretty good with autism.  If you have people in place I will work with the professionals you already have in place, and be part of your existing team.