CNY Autism Consulting Helping Those on the Autism Spectrum Live Successful Lives Paul Meier  315-559-8242 Testimonials I know most people don't know me, and have no real idea if I know how to help someone with autism or not.  These comments below are unsolicited, and have come from e-mail, Facebook, and conversation.  I am also happy to put anyone in contact with groups of parents and ASD adults within the Central New York autism community to check me out.  I don't take such requests and/or concerns personally, and would encourage you to do so.  You are working with your own life and/or the life of someone you love dearly.  This is not the time to be guessing.  I am good at what I do, and willing to have anyone check me out.   - Paul “I like Paul.  He knows how to help me.” - Autistic eight year old. “For the first time in my life I understand autism.” - Mother of a nonverbal autistic teenager. “I learned more about autism in the last 20 minutes than I ever knew.” - Special Education teacher. “I told him your idea … he walked calmly to the car door and waited patiently!” - Mother of a nine year old with autism, anxiety, ODD, and ADHD. “Paul, I have never seen how an ASD person thinks described so well. That totally describes my son. ... Thank you for the great explanation!” - Mother of ASD seven year old. “I don’t need to explain.  You just understand and get it.” - Autistic adult. “Thank you Paul, you are from God!” - Mother of an autistic nine year old. “Paul is just the person to help.  He helped my family big time.  I will always be grateful.” - Mother of an autistic five year old. “Your expertise is priceless.” - Mother of a nonverbal autistic six year old. “FINALLY! Someone who understands ME!” - Autistic 13 year old. “I just have to give a shout-out to Paul Meier !! I know they say that people on the spectrum have an understanding and connection to others on the spectrum. But, his ability with our kids goes way beyond that. To see him interact with some of the kids at ______'s party was just amazing, especially when a kid has a tough ‘moment’. I was half expecting some magic fairy dust to fall out of his pocket or something lol. He just has a way with our kiddos!!” - Mother of an autistic seven year old.